Installation / 2006 Weimar / 2007 – 2008 Hamburg / 2008 Zürich / 2009 Helsinki / 2013 Weimar

Textmachine - Weimar - Installation
Textmachine in Weimar
Textmachine - Weimar - Installation
Textmachine in Weimar
Textmachine - Zürich - Installation
Textmachine in Zurich
Textmachine - Hamburg - Installation
Textmachine in Hamburg
Jim Avignon + Jon Burgerman / Jon1
Tom Combo / Fugen
Suzanne Zahnd / Fahrkarte nach Kulturien
Heinz Strunk / Stop
Jacques Palminger / Babylon must fall
Nora Gomringer / Ein Ärgernis
Toby Hoffmann / Eisprungsonate
Jan Off / Dillettanten auf dem Weg nach nirgendwo
Rocko Schamoni / Schokoladenosterhase
Gabriel Vetter / Der große Kawumba

Connected to a street light lamp pole an urban parasite sucks energy from the street light electricitynet to distribute short texts of contemporary authors via buttonclic. The texts are spoken by the authors themselves. As the textmachine is travelling to different cities in Europe local authors are won for the installation.

St. Pauli Textmaschine in cooperation with Golden Pudel Club