Puppet Master

Performance / 2010 / Weimar

Puppet Master - Performance
Puppet Master - Making of - Construction
Making of: The construction
Puppet Master - Making of - Costume
Making of: Kati Kleinfelder designing the costume

Attached to a 3,50 m high tower object a bass-bariton singer performs a 30 min piece. He appears in the dawn or early night time of several evenings on specific locations, dragged and pushed by two workerguys. The music is a collage from Richard Huelsenbeck poems, old german folksongs from 1650 and human questions concerning death, happyness and all stadiums between construction and destruction.

Cooperation: Karo Kollwitz / Ludger Kisters (music) / Björn Werner (voice) / Katharina Kleinfelder (costume) / Verena Hehl (choreography)

Supported by Thüringer Kulturstiftung, Graduiertenförderung des Landes Thüringen and Institut für neue Musik / Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt